Brand New Warehouse for Sale [HM Logistics in Yeojoo]
신축 물류창고 매매 [소재지 : 여주]
Land Site
Marae-ri, Nungseo-myun,
Yeojoo, Kyunggi

4-story + 1 basement
(Steel + RC structure)
Construction just completed and obtained the certificate of completion from authority
Empty, seeking a tenant or a buyer
Achievable and marketable level of rent is W20,000/pyung
Sale price is 13.4 bil.KRW
Master Lease for 3 years with 8% p.a. yield
Initial 2-year rent to be advanced in a manner to guarantee the master lease ,
  which amount would be deducted from total sale price.
  Accruing interest over the pre-paid rent would belong to Buyer.
Remaining 1-year would be guaranteed by a security guarantee company to the effect
  that the rent would be paid monthly basis for the period.
  Relevant costs for the above security shall be borne by Seller.