Welcome to CPA (CJ Property Adviser) !
A Guiding Light to All types of Properties in Korea
               Since 1986, merging with Doyle Realty Ltd. in 2008, CPA has provided a full range
              of real estate services in Korea, whatever the size, complexity or location or real
              property transaction:
Office Building Leasing & Sale
Retail Building Leasing & Sale
Warehouse Construction, Leasing & Sale
Real Estate Counselling, Marketing Analysis, Feasibility Study, Evaluation, Etc.

     In the procedure, we generally provide following services

     Extensive Market Research
   To Locate a prospective properties for clients
  Negotiation for terms and conditions for fair and clear transaction
  Prepare all necessary documentation and relevant legal and practical
      advice to ensure full protection for clients, along with a timely and
      justifiable decision making by clients.